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Amy" without Amy.  (Requested by anon)

Karen Gillan on the Eleventh Doctor.


Hipster Adventures | 33 of ?

it looks like you guys are not posting here anymore which is really sad because I love this blog, a lot. I know it's your choice but please don't abandon this blog!

yes, we are very sorry! we will try to post more, we are definitely not going to abandon this blog!

make me choose »  asked amy/eleven or amy/rory?

but I have infinite tenderness for you. that, I’ll always have. all my life long.

if every cell stayed the same
and seven years wasn’t strange 
then we’d be just like our names
but even those tend to change

Just believe me for 20 minutes.


For you I’d wait… ‘Til Kingdom Come 
Until my day… my day is done 
and say you’ll come… and set me free 
just say you’ll wait… you’ll wait for me.